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We treat patients with various conditions, including knee pain, hip problems and shoulder pain. Our clinic is dedicated to always making our patients a priority the minute they walk into our office.

Dallas Osteo Relief Institute

We have a state of the art treatment clinic and a personal approach for our patients suffering with knee pain, knee arthritis and various medical conditions. We start with the most non-invasive treatments and provide our top of the line musculoskeletal rehabilitation department to further the results available for our patients.

Our focus is to understand your medical condition. As a patient of Osteo Relief Institute Dallas, TX you are more than just a number on a chart. We understand you are a person with some challenging medical problems related to aging and arthritis. We know you deserve the most focused attention available to provide you with the care and time it takes to help you feel better. Each person is treated as an individual with a care plan that matches. Our friendly staff gives their all each day to make sure you are on schedule every time and are on the right path during your visits.

Arthritis in America

Millions in our country have arthritis and the symptoms of pain and restricted motion that can come along with it. Making the correct lifestyle choices can help, especially a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise


We work hard to provide the highest level of care to help you get back to where you were. Come experience a warm and friendly environment while receiving treatment.

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After calling us you can find our location north of the city, which is behind the Hillcrest Memorial Park.